Private Facebook Downloader

Our Facebook private video downloader helps you save private Facebook videos to your
PC or Mac. Get started by following the steps below.

1. Enter the URL of the private Facebook video that you want to download.

2. Copy the link below and open it into a new browser tab.

3. Paste the video page source into the input box below and click download.

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How to download private Facebook videos

1. Copy Page Source

Copy the video page source by right clicking, selecting view source and copy all.

2. Paste Page Source

Paste the Facebook video source into the textarea above and hit Download.

3. Download The Video

Right click on the video file you would like to download and click "Save As".

Frequent Questions

Please check out our FAQ below. Don't see an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us.

What is a private downloader for Facebook?

The Facebook private downloader is a service that allows you to save private video content to your mobile phone or PC. Our tool is the most straightforward way to download the private Facebook videos you like on your device. There are no limitations or software installation required. Just follow the simple steps outline below to start saving private videos.

Which devices work with the built-in downloader?

The private downloader works on any device how-ever, we recommend that you access it using a desktop computer. During the download process, you will need to copy the page source from Facebook and paste it into our webpage. The process is made a lot easier on a desktop or laptop as opposed to the small screen on your iPhone or Android device.

How does the private downloader work?

Our private Facebook downloader works by searching the source code that you submit for videos. If it is able to detect a video, the download links for the video will be displayed.

Is my personal information secure?

Any information that is submitted through our private downloader is secure as no data is stored on our servers. We simply search the source for videos, and discard the data afterwards.

Why do I keep getting an error?

If you keep getting an error when trying to download private videos, please first check that you are following the steps correctly. If you continue to get errors despite following the steps please contact us.